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  stock analysis stock chart stock quote, stock software offering technical analysis, back testing, indicator parameter optimization, optimal buy and sell signals, intraday chart analysis, currency analysis, and mutual funds analysis. EquiVolume, Point & Figure, GMMA, Heiken-Ashi

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Features of the stock software "Best-Charts": screen shot 
* Use intelligent and classic technical analysis methods, live quotes and historical quotes to analyze stocks and generate buy and sell signals. ( Examples of intelligent technical analysis: Dow  Nasdaq)

* Buy and sell signals are displayed on the charts.  (example: table   chart1  chart2 )

* Buy / Sell signal forecast and estimation: This software can calculate charts and buy / sell signal change next trading day according to change % supposed by users.

* Bullish-Bearish Indicator: A new Indicator for calculating the trend of stocks and markets.

* analyzing weekly charts.

* analyze 1, 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, 60, 120, 240 min intraday charts of US and Canadian stocks. (examples: 1 min intraday chart   60 min intraday chart)

* analyzing US mutual funds

* analyzing currency.

* User may change all parameters of technical analysis algorithms.

* Monitors 60 candlestick chart patterns and displays candlestick chart signals from the last  30 days in a list and on the charts.

* All analysis results are saved to a text file  C:\M-C\results.txt , users may analyze the results with MS Excel. (part 1 , part 2)

* Displays 40 intraday micro charts in one window.

*Analyzes other stocks with data in the ASCII file (txt, csv, prn...)

* Advance and decline probabilities are calculate mainly on the basis of bullish and bearish trends of indicators.

* One click to analyze up to 40 stocks in a Portfolio List. User can compare the performance of these stocks easily. View technical analysis summary of 40 stocks.

* Back testing: The detailed entry, exit and gain can be listed in a table. User may seek good parameters of indicators according to the gain. View an example of Back-testing.

* The stock software "Best-Charts" seeks optimal parameters of all popular indicators(AIO). The optimal parameters are displayed on optimal charts. These optimal parameters and gains can also be listed in a table. User can change number of quotes for the parameter optimization. View optimal charts

* Multi-AIO  

* All charts are displayed in one window. User may compare different charts of one stock or charts of different stocks easily.

* easy to install and to use

stock chart : stock chart indicator parameter optimization, back-testing, optimal buy and sell signals, Bullish-Bearish Indicator; intraday, daily und weekly chart analysis, .

   Do not rely blindly on information provided by this software. You should perform your own research prior to making any investments. You are fully responsible for all your trading decisions.

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