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* The MFC42.DLL error.
MFC42.dll and MSVCRT.dll on your PC are old version. Please download and , unzip and save MFC42.dll and MSVCRT.dll to C:\Program Files\Best-Charts\ folder.

* When I load the program for the first time, it does one of two things:
(a). Error Screen ("this program has performed an illegal operaton and will be shut down").
If I get the error screen, it usually reloads without a problem on the second attempt.
(b). System Crashes (PC locks -- must power down to restart).
Installed Service Pack 1 for IE 6, and the crashes stopped.

* The Program Freezing
(1) A few of users of Win 98  reported this problem.
(2) Freezing seems related to web sites not responding.
(3) Too many programs are running.
(4) Another high data flow program is running.

* I can use this software at home via dial up without problem. On a LAN, TA and most of the feature doesn't work.
Some firewalls block this software from accessing the web. Please change the settings of the firewall and allow this software to access data from the web.

*  How to uninstall this software?
Click on "My Computer" on your desktop. Click on "Control panel". Click on Add/Remove Programs and then you can uninstall software.

* A window is open that says that there is a new version available.
(1) You ought to download this software again or
(2) The clock on your PC displays incorrectly.

* Can you please tell me if this program is XP-compatible?
Yes. This program can work with Windows 95B, 98, 2000, NT, Me and XP.

* How to analyze stocks offline?
 Please choose menu item "Stock->Switch between online and offline analysis" for offline and then disconnencte to the internet.

* I'd like to print all  charts that are generated but it seems to be not possible.
This software has not still print function.

* I'd like to find out more about the "change parameters of technical analysis algorithms".
Please read the Formulas .

* Is there also an intraday analysis of this software available?
Yes. Please read Manual 

When I call the technical analysis, the graphs are not showing correctly. All the graph and texts are sort of compressed in both directions and there are many overlaps making the whole thing unreadable.
(1) Update your Graphic card software or
(2) Change the settings of font size: Start>Settings>Active Desktop>...

*  Using EOData from Telechart 2000. The downloaded data are stored in hard drive C:\myFolder, each symbol in its own file, such as YHOO.txt etc.
(1) Choose menu item "Stocks>Historical quotes file path>Set historical quotes file path...".
(2) Enter the file path C:\myFolder\ and .txt in "historical quotes file path" dialog box.
(3) Choose menu item "Stocks>Historical quotes file path>Use specified file path".
(4) Enter the stock symbol YHOO in "Symbol" field.
(5) Click on the "Read historical quotes from ASCII file"(H) button. The software will analyze the historical quotes in C:\myFolder\YHOO.txt .

* Can any body please explain me what it means to 1.bullish and at some times bearish.1 in TA Summary table.
(1) 1.bullish = 1 buy signal and Trend bullish
(2) bearish.1 = Trend bearish and 1 sell signal
(3) ob..Bullish.= Overbought and Trend bullish
(4) Bearish..os = Trend bearish and Oversold
(5) t..Bullish.= Top and Trend bullish
(6) Bearish..b = Trend bearish and Bottom

* What do the numbers on the right side mean?
(1) Number of Signal is number of "o" or "x" of today on the chart.
(2) If the last signal is "o", the trend is bullish.
      If the last signal is "x", the trend is bearish.
(3) The probability rating is based on number of "Trend: Bullish".

* What I need to know is when does the buy/sell signals get updated?
In this software everything updates each time you do a TA if the quote changes.

* Does ayone know how many candlestick signal patterns stock analyzer uses?
About 60 candlestick signal patterns.

* By how many minutes are the charts delayed for Canadian stocks?
 About 15--20 minutes. 

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